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Nail Enhancements

  • Gel Polish fingers/ toes £26

  • Gel Polish fingers + toes £32

  • Gel Polish Removal £5

  • Gel Polish removal & reapplied £30

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions £35

  • Nail extensions removal £10

  • I.Nails Express Acrylic £35

            (see below for details)


I.Nails Express Acrylic

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

A new acrylic technology, offering long lasting, beautiful nails in less time than regular acrylic enhancement method.

Available in different lengths and shapes, usually lasting 2-3+ weeks. 

The I.Nails Express Acrylic tips are attached with the unique I.Nails Express liquid acrylic, not glue, and only cured, with the unique I.Nails Express LED beam projector, with its single nail beam, bonding the tip and liquid acrylic to the nail bed exactly the same as powder.

Long Lashes


Eye Treatment

Lash lift & tint  £40

Eyelash tint  £15


Quality Services for Dashing Results


Eyebrows Tint


Eyebrows waxing


Eyebrows wax & tint